Narcissism now

In this project, Keimeyer explores the topic of identity using live mixed visuals and sound performance at Cabochon Hotel, Bangkok 2013.

Keimeyer projected a large-scale video on the surrounding building and water’s surface of the pool. The performance involved Keimeyer interacting with the audience and herself using an underwater live streaming camera, all accompanied by sound art. Scenes underwater and outside the pool explored the topic of contemporary narcissism, and questions on identity and individuality.

NARCISSISM NOW was an extension of Keimeyer’s POOL AROUND ME series.

Press Release download:


“With the title NARCISSISM NOW, I presented the topic of identity in live mixed visuals and sound performance in collaboration with Bulgarian visual artist Deyan Raykov of Wetcstudio. The rooftop swimming pool at Cabochon Hotel provided the ideal venue in the Bangkok district of Sukhumvit.”

The event was part of the series "Creative Thursday - Special Art Event" in collaboration with Eclectic Lab.

Support was provided by:
Multimedia team Basmati Haze, Jonas Harmsen, Malte Pietschmann, Philipp Lunch, Max Thessling and Andreas Nebeling, Charinthorn Rachurutchata and Sasha

Special thanks to Eugene Yeh, Eiji Sumi, Roy Ami, Mizuyo Fukui, Kamon Sributkhote 


Interview about my performance and photography work by Basmati Haze: Jonas Harmsen, Malte Pietschmann, Philipp Lunch, Max Thesseling.