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“I use the pool as a diary of spirit, beauty and transformation within.”



In the project, Keimeyer creates underwater photographs in over 100 hotel pools worldwide.

She began to develop this series in 2008 while travelling and was inspired by the serenity and freedom she discovered. It was realized with the kind support of Martin Nicholas Kunz. Keimeyer currently continues her underwater staging.

Being suspended in water allows for Keimeyer to breach the limitations of her body. In one way, water offers a freedom from gravity and provides a sense of weightlessness. However, in water the body is still anchored to its limitations. Keimeyer explores the moment in between, when time stands still. This is when the photo is taken. With that, Keimeyer questions her ongoing topic “Who am I ? What is behind my body ? And what is the limit of it ? What is the core of our being ?”


Editions of 8 plus 2 AP


60 x 40 cm (23,6 x 15,7 in)
105 x 70 cm (41,3 x 27,6 in)
180 x 120 cm (70,9 x 47,2 in)

C-print on Alu-Dibond
Signed and numbered with certificate of authenticity
Framing on request



GraDuation Work, 2012 BERLIN


For the first exhibition of her POOL AROUND ME series, and as part of her graduation work, Johanna Keimeyer showed in honor of the United Nations’ World Water Day 2012 at the Stadtbad Oderberger.
At the time the location was a hertiage protected vacant swimmping pool.

“Underwater there are no thoughts.
The body is weightless, breathless.
Freedom, lightness and timelessness arises.
I am home – “


SOLO SHOW at Rooftop Gallery, 2013 Bangkok


A selection of photos from POOL AROUND ME were shown at contemporary photography space, Roofttop Gallery Bangkok by Farmani.

Johanna Keimeyer created and accompanying video and sound performance for the photo exhibition.
She explores through text, visuals and her own body involvement the topic of contemporary narcissism, the question of identity and individuality.