- experience your heart.

Immersive walk-in heart installation as part of Art Basel. Light, smell and sound take you into a pulsing heart. Listen.

What does your heart beat for ?


- make the inner world visible.

Explore the human source. What do you feel ? Who is looking through your eyes ?
Live video projections. No script. All masks fall.

What do you feel ?

Everything is illusioN

- jump into the unknown.

Immersive video projection and performance for the United Nation’s World Water Day.

Who am I ?

pool around me

- timeless.

Underwater photography in 100 hotel pools around the world. As a free diver, Keimeyer uses the pool as a diary of spirit, beauty and transformation from within. 

How do you feel underwater ?


- before you were born.

Video and sound performance about identity. Featured underwater live streaming cameras and immersive video projections.

Is this real ?

Recycled Trashure

- wasted planet.

A series of sculptures made of recycled plastic. Sculptures include chandeliers, shells and fish tanks.

It is real.

A New Dawn

- rise like a phoenix.

Dance performance with light show for the
reopening of Hotel Oderberger at the
heritage-protected public baths of Berlin.

Ashes to ashes, a new dawn arises.